7 Top Secrets to Increase Website Conversion Rate

What are the best conversions tips you can use on your site?

High conversion rate can increase website visitors. Conversion rate refers to the proportion of visitors who visit a website and take action to go beyond content view. It is calculated by the number of visitors who has completed a transaction divided by the number of visitors who visited the website. A sale is said to be complete if a visitor reaches the checkup page.

There is usually traffic on the internet but that is usually meaningless without a good conversion rate. An average good conversion rate is at 3%. Having the best website conversion tips mean that you are increasing your revenue.

website conversion tips

Website Conversion Rate

Top 7 best website conversion tips you must know about:

1. Use of Call To Action (CTA):

The use of call to action increase website visitors. It should be located on the homepage where the visitor will be able to see it when he land on the page without scrolling down. Sometimes is advisable to place at the bottom of the page if the visitor may decide to read the content. It doesn’t matter whether your CTA is ‘add to cart’, ‘buy now’ provided it is a feature that can be found on your page.

2. Use testimonials, reviews and guarantees:

This by far can be the best website conversion tips. it obvious that majority of the users are not going to trust your site so it is usually your job to give them some confidence to trust you. This can be achieved by:

– Showing some picture of some people who are happy with your site.
– offering a guarantee on the product to make yourself even more trustworthy.
– Include reviews written by people about the product

3. Use catchy headlines:

This can be achieved by using a bold and short headline. A lot of visitors may loose interest in your product if the headline is more than 20 words. The headline should able to capture the attention of the visitors as soon as they land on your page. This will increase website visitors.

4. Use of forms that are engaging:

The forms to be filled should be engaging and short. Many visitors are put off by long forms. Also, use the thank you page to thank the visitors for buying.

5. Make it an easy procedure:

Web design services Delhi should help in coming up with such services. if the process is taking a lot of time or it is simply complicated the visitors may abandon it no matter how thrilled they wanted your product. If it takes a minute or even seconds then you are good.

6. Use high-quality product photos:

The ecommerce web design services in Delhi should take care of that .This will show the visitors what they are getting and the photo should be compelling and of high quality. However, the use bigger photos do not yield to higher conversion rates.

7. Improve your product description:

The product description should entail all the features of the product. This will help the product also to be catchy to the visitors.

In conclusion

Higher conversion rates in your site help maintain your site. The e-commerce websites designers should enable you monitor leaving your site and those who proceeds to the checkup page. This will help in calculating the conversion rate and will help review your product page.


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